Monday, September 2, 2013

Lazy Labor Day Dinner: The Super Easy Chicken Pot Pie

 If you're looking for a quick and easy dinner, cooking in your Crock Pot is the way to go. I love using my Crock Pot in the winter to make hearty soups after a long and busy day. There's no better feeling than walking in your door to the aroma of an already prepared dinner. Although it doesn't usually get very cold in Georgia, some of my favorite recipes for wintertime are Crock Pot chicken pot pie, french onion soup, chicken wild rice soup, and chili. I can't wait to share all of these recipes with y'all once it cools down around here. Even though its still ninety degrees, I decided to make chicken pot pie today for dinner!

I spent the day at my grandparents' house, so this was a perfect recipe for today! I adapted this recipe from Thegirlwhoateeverything.

Here's what you need:

2 cans cream of chicken soup (I opted for a healthier reduced-sodium version)
2 cans mixed vegetables *see note below*
2 chicken breasts
1 Vidalia onion (or a regular yellow onion will do, I just don't like to cry when I chop them!)
1 tsp. black pepper
1 container frozen or canned biscuits

Serves 4-5.
Cooks on low for 5 hours.

*You could use fresh or frozen vegetables for this recipe if you wish. The original recipe called for frozen peas, fresh celery, and fresh carrots. I just chose the canned mixed vegetables because they're super cheap at Aldi (around 50 cents a can!). The Aldi mixed vegetables have carrots, peas, green beans and potatoes.

If you're on a tight budget, this recipe as listed costs under five dollars to make, and serves 4-5 people. That's cheaper than fast food, and much more satisfying don't you think?

My Ingredients:

First, peel and chop up that Vidalia onion. I do a rough chop because I like to bite into the larger crunchy pieces of onion in my pot pie! If you want you can do a finer chop or opt out of using the onion entirely.

Next, throw the chopped onion into the Crock Pot.

Then, add the two cans of cream of chicken soup. Cut the two chicken breasts into medium sized pieces (I usually just cut a breast into fourths). Add it into the pot.

Finally, add the teaspoon of black pepper. I love to keep a pepper grinder around because I love the taste of fresh pepper on my food, so I just gave it two or three twists right on top of the mix.

Turn the Crock Pot on low and leave it for four hours. This is perfect for days when you have to be in and out of the house and don't want to stand by the stove and cook dinner!

After four hours, open up the canned vegetables, drain them, and add them in. I forgot to take a picture of this, sorry guys!

After you add the vegetables, let them cook for an additional 30 minutes. In that time, you can bake your biscuits. I also pull the chicken out with a fork and shred it on a paper plate. Nobody wants a giant piece of chicken in their pie!

Once the pot pie is ready, you can serve it in a bowl with two biscuits on top.

This is what the pot pie looked like when it was done. Deelicious! It's going to be great for lunch tomorrow too!

I didn't get a picture with the biscuits on top this time (I'm new at this y'all), but I promise I'll get pictures of everything next time.

Thanks so much for reading about this recipe! I hope you enjoy making it for yourself and your loved ones!


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