Sunday, September 1, 2013

A New Beginning.

Hi everyone,

This blog is about exploring the tastes of new food without breaking the bank or slaving away in the kitchen. I have always found that food can help a hurting heart, bring people together, and make you feel wonderful inside and out. As I explore new recipes and build up my culinary expertise, I hope that I can inspire other cooks out there, whether they are amateurs or adept chefs. I firmly believe that even those who barely make scrambled eggs without catastrophe can learn the joys of cooking.

Time Commitment:

I'm a college student, I'm currently trying to get into medical school, and I have a job. I understand that all of us are busy and overworked. The recipes I will post almost always can be completed start to finish in under an hour. When you consider the time it takes to go out to eat or pick up food, this is a small time commitment with fabulous results. Even though we're all busy, we deserve to give our bodies the healthy, nutritious food it craves.


I will almost never post a recipe that costs more than $10-15. My recipes will feed between 3-5 people, depending on if you're feeding your tiny roommate (like mine) or your starving boyfriend/dad/brother.

The food I create is a joy to eat, good for your body, and easily affordable and approachable.

Thank you so much for checking this out, I hope you love the recipes. Give them a try!


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